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“I wanted something clean and not obvious or expected of me,” says Dr. Woo of his collaboration with Converse, which releases today exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles.

Converse and Dr. Woo Collaborate on Set of Limited Chuck 70s 9

Dr. Woo by Kenneth Cappello

Though the statement is directed to his articulation of the Converse Chuck 70, the idea could be applied to multiple facets of the born-and-raised Angeleno’s life.

Dr. Woo developed an attraction to tattoos during his youth as a means of rebelling against his parents. Since, he’s grown a cult following among Hollywood’s elite, translating ethereal aesthetics and distinguished compositions into coveted works of body art from a hideaway suite in The Hollywood Roosevelt. And recently, he’s vocalized the desire to extend into other creative fields, with a particular interest in manipulating everyday objects that invite people into his finely curated, meticulous and beautiful world.

Dr. Woo’s Chuck 70 is the first output of how this use of creative energy comes to life.

Converse and Dr. Woo Collaborate on the Chuck 70 2

The Converse x Dr. Woo Chuck 70 in black. Shot by Kenneth Cappello.

An ode to the height of Chuck Taylor innovation as a basketball shoe in the 1970s, the Chuck 70 is a silhouette that Dr. Woo has worn throughout his life. Describing them as “always relevant to me,” Dr. Woo says he used to “draw all over Chucks, tear 'em up. I tried to hold on to old pairs, but they always seemed to vanish like my youth...”

Today, he’s telling stories in a way that can be playfully interpreted by the shoe's wearer, creating a narrative that can be made one’s own through every little scuff, stain and natural patina. 

Converse and Dr. Woo Collaborate on the Chuck 70 3

The shoe's spider web embroidery will scuff, stain and develop a natural patina through wear. Shot by Kenneth Cappello. 

The story of the spider and the fly transforms the Chuck 70’s canvas, delivering detailed, but minimalist aesthetics that allow for the exploration of literal and conceptual ideas. Most evident is the story around the spider eating fly, but eyes within the artwork (and part of his Woo logo) act as a strong focal point on what communicating with each other and the creatures within our world mean today.

The key, Dr. Woo says, is to wear them “’til they are destroyed.” The story then gets personal as the spider embroidery gets rough, ripped and fuzzy. Then, it becomes a story of you and the shoe.

Converse and Dr. Woo Collaborate on Set of Limited Chuck 70s 8

To celebrate his collaboration with Converse, Dr. Woo has personally tattooed, signed and numbered a hyper-limited edition of leather Chuck 70s. The custom pairs will retail for $1095.00 exclusively at a private event at Maxfield on the evening of January, 17, 2018.

The Converse x Dr. Woo collection is available January 20 on and at select retailers. 

Download the lookbook and see all global stocklists here