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Childhood Toys Inspire Latest Kids-Only Basketball Collection

As kids, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant used childhood toys to imagine the athletic feats of their future selves. These toys are honored in the Basketball Pro Toy Pack, a three-shoe collection exclusively for young athletes, featuring the LEBRON 13, KOBE X and KD8 in a range of childhood sizes.

LEBRON 13 Mini Hoop

The LEBRON 13 pays homage to the adjustable hoop set the Cleveland superstar used to hone his skills as a kid. A faded graphic represents the adjustable height of the hoop, to account for growth spurts and smaller friends. The shoe’s color scheme also takes cues from the basketball set’s notable hues. The LEBRON 13 Mini Hoop is available beginning November 25. 

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Ho15 ya lbj xiii detail3 finalv2.png square 1600
Ho15 ya lbj xiii detail2 finalv2.png square 1600


The LA shooting guard grew up admiring a sword-wielding superhero with superhuman strength. Lightning-bolt graphics on the KOBE X recall an electrifying catchphrase used by the hero immortalized by an action figure. The KOBE X Hero is available beginning November 11.

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Ho15 ya kobe x detail3 final.png square 1600
Ho15 ya kobe x detail1 final r2.png square 1600

KD8 Money Ball

Before he became an All-Star forward, Durant’s love of the game as a young athlete showed in his toys. With a penny and some tiny cars, Durant would play an imaginative game of basketball, cars were the players and the penny acted as the ball. That one-cent coin is represented on the KD8’s sock liner, while the outsole imagines a full range of model-car colors. The KD8 Money Ball is available beginning November 18.

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Ho15 kd 8 detail3 final.png square 1600
Ho15 kd 8 detail2 base final r2.png square 1600

The three-shoe Basketball Pro Toy Pack is available globally at and select retailers.