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Building a system: Kobe Bryant and Eric Avar discuss design

Not many people get an inside look at the footwear design process. Nike pulls the curtain back on the making of the Nike Kobe VII System Supreme with a detailed video discussion with Kobe Bryant and Nike creative director Eric Avar.  Kobe and Eric chat on a number of topics ranging from good design balancing science and art, performance versatility in footwear, the creative process and the evolution of Kobe’s signature line.

Beyond performance benefits, the Nike Kobe VII tells a predator story that’s inspired by Kobe’s predator-like instinct on the court. Predator patterns come to life in the shoe’s outer shell as a “skin” simulating the look of three predator patterns mixed together – the Leopard, Great White Shark and Black Mamba.   The Nike Kobe VII System Supreme is now available globally, with full customization of the system and component insert available on