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Breaking Down the Black Rose Tech Fleece Collection

The Black Rose Tech Fleece Collection features a hand-picked selection of monochromatic custom and Nike DNA archival logos. The apparel's theme is “Victoria Aut Mors,” meaning "Victory or Death" to relate to the fact that athletes will either win or lose in any competition they face. The black rose symbolizes strength and resistance in the face of adversity and is meant to inspire the excitement and confidence that can come with a fresh start.  

170412 laydowns tee 0140 square 1600

Tech Fleece Crew

170412 laydowns tee 0147 square 1600

Tech Fleece Pant

Behind the Badges

The Nike Shoe Dog represents a dedication to footwear.

Nike Shoe Dog (on the bottom left hip of the jacket and bottom right hip of the crew): Made in 2000 for the Shoe Dog awards, an internal Nike program

Goddess of Victory (on the bottom left hip of the jacket): Custom made and written in Latin to symbolize the collection's theme

MCMLXXII (on the right shoulder and the lateral left thigh of the pant): The founding date for Nike, 1972, in Roman numerals

The Nike Diamond is a baseball Logo that was created in 1989.

Hexagon with Nike Pinwheel (on the right shoulder of the jacket and the left calf of the pant): Created by Nike’s first employee, Jeff Johnson, who was inspired by the 1972 Munich Olympic logo when he originally fanned out the swoosh to make the sunburst design

Nike Globe (on the left hip of the pant): Custom made for this collection

Nike Diamond (on the left hip of the crew and below the left knee on the pant): A Baseball logo that was created in 1989

The #1 Swoosh appeared on the flight suits of the six basketball players in the famous Air Force 1 poster.

Peace Sign with #1 Swoosh (on the back bottom left of the jacket): Used in basketball marketing. The #1 Swoosh was originally created for the re-release of the Nike Air Force 1s in 1986. 

Black Rose with Pinwheel (on the back bottom left of the jacket and right shin of the pant): Custom made for this collection

Textured Black Rose (on the right chest of the jacket and left chest of the crew): A chenille-filled rose custom made for this collection

The Black Rose Tech Fleece Collection is available now at select Nike and Beauty & Youth retailers in Japan. It will be available at select Nike retailers in North America and Europe this fall.

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