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Boxer Rex Tso Stars in Latest “Just Do It” Film

During the second round of his last fight, Hong Kong boxer Rex Tso temporarily lost his hearing. But that didn’t stop him from pushing through to claim his 21st straight victory as more than 8,000 of his fans cheered him on. Inspiring moments like this are what makes Tso, nicknamed the Wonder Kid, peerless among contemporaries and a local hero.

Tso, who has a reputation for winning against all odds, was the obvious athlete to star in “You Can’t Guarantee a Win, But You Can Guarantee a Fight,” a new Just Do It film directed by Michael Mann. The 90-second spot leads with Rex getting knocked to the floor and the referee counting down to his potential defeat.

It cuts to scenes of other athletes facing similarly challenging moments in their respective sports, including local high-jump record holder Cecilia Yeung losing her balance, a basketball player getting a rough block when he attempts a layup, a goalkeeper failng to make a block, a marathon runner getting pushed to the ground — and no one offering to help her up.

Each athlete faces a critical, time-sensitive decision-making moment: Let that challenge defeat them and define their event? Or shake it off, knowing they will only ever have a chance at the knock out, goal or finish line if they get up and try again. Each athlete chooses the latter, and their strength in persevering is meant to encourage champion and everyday athletes to embrace their passions and put all their efforts toward creating miracles.

Tso will go for his 22nd consecutive win on October 7 in Hong Kong.

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