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Nike Football Presents: Believe Videos feat. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s relentless drive (and dedication to training) is well documented. Underlying it all is an undaunted self-belief, the type that allows him not just to entertain a challenge but to conquer it, as seen in his opening match of the tournament. Nike Football captures his unique mentality in Ronaldo vs. Ronaldon’t, a series of short animated films in which the Portugal star faces off with his self-doubting alter-ego. 

Take a peek inside Ronaldo's mind through the final video in the series, "Leaving Madeira," to see how he made the decision that only positivity could save him from a life of obscurity on a small Atlantic Ocean island.

In the second film, Ronaldo reveals that he talks to the ball – and it would seem that it listens. 

"Talking to the Ball"

Additionally, one of Ronaldo's many famous goals is captured in the series' first film. 

"That Bicycle Kick"

These short films are part of Nike Football's Believe campaign. Learn more here.