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As approximately 10,500 of the world’s top athletes from around the globe prepare to head to Rio, the perennial predicament on the minds of this disparate group will be rather predictable: What to pack?

Aside from required event attire and equipment, each will need gear that covers the key moments outside of competition when the spotlight also shines: on the medal stand, in a press conference, hanging out in the village and training.

To mitigate this task for the more than 1,200 collective members of the US Olympic delegation (the most decorated national team in the history of the Summer Games) and Comitê Olímpico do Brasil, the COB (representing the host nation), Nike has created an athlete bag.

Customized to the respective national federation and meticulously crafted over nearly three years, the Brasil and US Athlete Bags mix footwear and apparel selected for its ability to outfit athletes from all 41 sports in the Games, regardless of their 2XS-to-4XL sizing range. The company’s Innovation Team even went so far as to body map all of the athletes, creating avatars of the vastly varying body shapes to help inform their selections.

Pulling from a variety of running, training and sportswear styles, the bag features gear to serve Rio’s climate requirements and every individual’s detailed needs for all 17 days of the Games. That’s why each piece is completed with Nike’s latest innovations and imbued with a specific purpose, or in a number of cases multiple purposes and looks, depending upon the athlete’s schedule.

A gymnast, for example, will experience back-to-back competition for the first half of the Games, then she or he can relax, celebrate and take in other sports. A track and field athlete, by contrast, will compete in the latter half while a basketball player’s schedule alternates: a day of competition followed by a rest day, all the way through the Games.

Nike also profiles a number of its premier athlete and new performance innovations here, detailing in-depth the resolve that victory requires. 

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