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Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 97, six creatives, together representing Movement 97, explore the silhouette’s bold character through their own distinct lenses. 

Faye Webster, Halima Aden, Bryant Lui, Anajah Hamilton, Lucia Santina Ribisi and Lauren Tepfer were each born in 1997, and represent a different mode of expression. Their works span various media (from textile to video) and practices (from architecture to photography), but unite here to react to three central themes relating to the AM97 Ultra:

What you see is what you reinvent
When iconic design inspires infinite evolution
The revolution meets the road in the fastest fashion

In their respective responses, each honors the original vision of the Air Max 97 and finds opportunity to push new boundaries through exploration of the AM97 Ultra.

Faye Webster: Photographer, Atlanta

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 1

“I like patterns and things that match, and with the Air Max 97, I got the idea from the shoe itself. A play on air and the futuristic inspirations of the shoe within a set that felt more like a galaxy. As for the pink shoe, I wanted to keep it monochromatic to really show off its color.”

Halima Aden: Model, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 4

“There’s always room for improvement. My life philosophy is: If I did well yesterday, I could do better today. Even with these shoes, Nike is not thinking for the customers today, they’re keeping in mind the customers 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 60 years from now. What is that brand going to be remembered for?”

Bryant Lui: Interior architect and illustrator, Daly City, California

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 0

“The design of the shoe, with its iconic curvilinear lines and ripples, inspired the U-shape configuration of the building as well as its S-shape profile. The S and U shapes create indoor and outdoor zones, and I translated the curved stripes into the glowing handrails of the building. The gradient found on the shoe from silver to black were applied to the glazing of the building to lead the viewer’s attention toward the center of the space by replacing the silver thread with light.”

Anajah Hamilton: Art curator and Performance artist, New Jersey

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 2

“Moving in the sneakers feels graceful, so I wanted the video to look very gentle and centered around movement. The pink Air Max 97 Ultras look angelic and soft, and are appealing to the eye. The black 97 Ultras look powerful, strong and bold. I decided to mix both traits with gentle and strong dance movements, locations that complemented the shoe and roses inspired by the inside of the sneaker.”

Lucia Santina Ribisi: Digital Artist, Los Angeles

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 5

“I was born the year Nike released Air Max 97. This Air Max 97 Ultra inspires me to think about technology, our cyborg identities and how tools can give us access to a sense of freedom. #Movement97 is about using our tools to see a bigger picture so that we can work toward unbounded access for everyone. We are creating through perpetual motion.”

Lauren Tepfer: Photographer, New York

Exploring the Essence of the Air Max 97 3

“The 90s are making a comeback in the most colorful way. With the leading lines, colors and patterns, I was inspired by the nostalgic vibe of the Air Max 97 Ultras paired with the colors and textures of suburbia. A mystical atmosphere of blue, orange, red and pink tones contrasted by the sneaker, provides a moment reminiscent of the past.”