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Above The Board: The Dunk Low Pro SB

What’s up with you skateboarders? You don’t love your feet, and it’s starting to show. Being on your feet’s bad side is not the road you want to be on. The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro with Zoom Air is the first step to getting you back on the right track.

Your feet are your friends. For some of you they could be the closest you’ll come to a real lifelong companion. So why treat them like this? Why not show your feet some well-deserved love and affection? Why not shield them from the hard, cold, concrete abyss that surrounds them?


“Now that’s what I’m talking about. If you want to bounce, just bounce. All that response right there, That’s zoom. You give a little bounce, you get a little bounce. OOOOH, I love it.” - JB Smoove

Meet Nike Zoom Air, a modern day cupid for feet. If you stop playing around, he’ll gladly assume the role of couple’s therapist. When you go catapulting off the higher end of some manmade structure, Zoom thinks of your feet while you’re worrying if your boy just “got that on film.” Shock protection is no joke, but to Nike Zoom Air it’s almost laughable. Introduce yourself, get acquainted, he’s here to help. 


You not wanting technology in your shoes is like a DJ who’s who hates bass. Don’t you want that beat to drop? The Dunk Low’s padded tongue takes a classic basketball silhouette and makes it a comfy ride and its tough suede is a necessity for increased durability. 


Nike SB pro Ishod Wair prefers this classic Dunk Low for his own style of urban stunts because “they look really cool, they're comfortable, and they protect the feet a lot." Enough said.


"You can pretty much go anywhere you want with your skateboarding, because it's just you and your board, and there's no rules.” - Ishod Wair

Technology, like your feet, is to be embraced. Welcome some zoom into your skate-ridden life and your feet will sing the praises.

"It's called progress. Things evolve. That’s evolution, baby!  The evolution of a new shoe." - JB Smoove

Love what you’re hearing? The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro with Nike Zoom Air technology is available now on and at select Nike SB retailers.


Ishod Wair

Tricks that would be strictly ender-status for most don't even make Ishod Wair sweat. A nonstop monster of energy coming straight out of South Jersey, Wair exploded in the amateur ranks with high-speed progression and rapid-fire consistency. Quickly rising to the top with first place winnings in both 2010 Phoenix and Maloof Amatuer competitions, his ascension to pro status was clinched in record time with the release of his earth-shattering debut part in Real’s “Since Day One” film. Any remaining doubters were silenced with Ishod's instant classic “SB Chronicles 2” part which earned him Thrasher Magazine’s coveted Skater of the Year award in 2012. And he has shown no signs of slowing down, as his continually-growing stacks of clips and contest highlights will attest.