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U.S. Soccer Honors the Transformative ’99ers with New Collection

July 10, 1999; Pasadena, California: With her final spot kick and a generation-defining celebration, Brandi Chastain gave the United States its second world title and galvanized the nation. Women’s soccer, once on the fringes, hit the mainstream — complete with all the controversy (she showed her bra!) and glory required. Meanwhile, just a few miles away, 10-year-old Alex Morgan watched at home on TV in awe.

“The team was something incredible…a badass group. I'd never seen female athletes on TV in that way," recalls Morgan. "Thinking about it gives me chills. I wanted to be them when I grew up."

Twenty years later, Morgan, the USWNT star striker with 99 international goals to her name, is indeed one of them. And going into France 2019, she has the opportunity, along with her teammates, to do what the ’99ers didn’t: repeat as champions.

“To be reigning champion is not easy going into a tournament, but this team is ready to take it on,” she says. Morgan also knows that the current squad owes more than inspiration to the ’99ers — it also owes an irrefutable legitimacy. “People see us as athletes; it is not necessary to put a qualifier on it," she says. "I am proud of it."

Fittingly, the USWNT will compete in France wearing a new collection and a set of kits that channel the energy of ’99 and all its championship glory. For the all-white home kit, the shirt features a stripped sleeve cuff reminiscent of those worn by Chastain, Hamm and Foudy, and is punctuated by three stars above the crest — honoring world titles from ’91, ’99 and 2015. This theme follows on the shorts, where the single star adorning the sides of the ’99er uniform has been replaced by a stack of three. Knit tape on the back of the neck also takes this embellishment.

Another element to cherish: The back panel of the home shirt presents a tonal gray print formed from each of the 50 states. It is symbolic, a reminder of the nation’s support for the team — an enthusiastic “We’ve got your back!” — and a feature that Morgan calls “really unique.”

As the away team, the USWNT amps up its undeniably American identity in a red shirt and shorts with blue socks. The shirt is highlighted by an abstraction of the American flag and, again, those three shining stars. Inner pride on the away shirt reads “One Nation, One Team.”

For each match, the team will wear a new anthem jacket with a pleated back and transparent sleeves. The full collection for the USWNT also includes a blue heather training kit, a drill pant augmented by a USA crest and Swoosh lockup and a suite of lifestyle apparel.