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NikeLab's SU17 ACG Collection Speaks Volumes

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“We were talking about summer festivals and the fact that so many people have ponchos with them. We then considered how we could create a pinnacle version of the garment. We used a lightweight three-layer ripstop fabric, added taped seams at the hood and made sure it was packable.”

That’s Nike senior apparel designer Jarrett Reynolds explaining the origin of the NikeLab ACG Poncho, which was engineered for optimal fit and function. To help ensure hands stay dry in the wettest conditions, insight from design partner Acronym® Errolson Hugh resulted in flipping the pocket — a poncho staple — inside out, placing the typical kangaroo build on the inside. Bold, contrasted ACG graphics on the front and back complete the look.

The care and consideration of the poncho is indicative of the overall intent of the ACG SU17 collection’s 10-piece assortment. “If you watch Errolson in fit sessions, he’s maniacal,” notes Reynolds. “He puts everything on. He moves, he jumps, he squats. It is amazing to watch. Nothing goes out that isn’t perfect.”

Take the NikeLab ACG Cargo pant as evidence: Its voluminous, contemporary aesthetic functionally serves the body in motion.

NikeLab's SU17 ACG Collection Speaks Volumes 4

“Errolson put the pant on and he’s kicking his leg up very slowly about his head. The volume of the trouser is tested this way to ensure that it can work in the most extreme positions,” Reynolds recalls of the fit session. This process also informs the fit of the NikeLab ACG Cargo short

Another new item to the ACG lineup is the the NikeLab ACG PO Hoodie, which is made out of an ultra-light articulated stretch fleece (the same fabric the NikeLab ACG Stretch FLC shorts are made of) and equipped with spacer mesh in the hood for full peripheral visibility.

Headwear in the collection includes the transformable NikeLab ACG cap (with neck and face protection that stores in a back pocket) and the NikeLab ACG Bucket. Additionally, two staple ACG silhouettes, the NikeLab ACG Shirt Jacket (which stows into its chest pocket) and NikeLab ACG SS Top (with new graphics), return.

The SU17 ACG collection launches May 18 on and in NikeLAB doors.

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