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15,000 runners join the running global movement at We Run 10K Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, December 1, 2012- A sunny and hot evening in Buenos Aires was the perfect setting for the 15,000 runners who joined the We Run 10K Buenos Aires race.

After registrations sold out in only 48 hours and an expo that reflected the hype, the race was truly a running celebration.

At the Expo three days before the race, runners collected their kits and trialed products.

The circuit touched the most iconic places of Buenos Aires, including el Obelisco, el Cabildo and the City Cathedral , and concluded in Puerto Madero, making a perfect combination between the old and the new city.

To offset the typical high temperatures of December, many hydration points were provided; it’s estimated that almost 90,000 bottles of water were offered to runners.

After the race, participants could Google their names + the phrase “10K” and get directed to YouTube to watch a video of themselves at the finish line and see information about their times.

To contribute to sustainability, Nike, along with the Mejor en Bici program of the City of Buenos Aires, provided a safe space to park for runners who commuted by bike.

Actor and singer Peter Lanzani had the responsibility for “passing the torch,” an initiative at each We Run race, where a local celebrity or opinion leader is given a camera to catch the best moments through their own eyes. That camera then travels to the next race, capturing a unique perspective of the We Run 10K series.

Federico Bruno, who reached the finish line in 30 minutes and 26 seconds, won the men’s general category. Sandra Amarillo led the female general category, completing the 10K in 34 minutes and 35 seconds.

Nike We Run Buenos Aires was part of Nike’s We Run race series that takes place in 32 cities worldwide involving a total of 395,500 runners. The Nike We Run race series seeks to inspire, support and connect runners all around the world through the innovative Nike+ technology.

The We Run 10K series began three years ago as an evolution of Nike’s Human Race, a global 10K held in dozens of cities around the world on a single day in 2008. That blockbuster race evolved into the We Run 10K series in 2009, and has since expanded its reach and impact. It is now Nike’s single largest race series.

The 2012 We Run series kicked off in Riga, Latvia on Aug. 26, and will conclude in Santiago, Chile on Dec. 15.