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100% Chance of a Run: The Holiday 2011 Running Collection

Cold, fresh air in your lungs, the wind at your back, the deep-down warmth in your limbs, the carefree feeling of splashing through muddy puddles, and the exhilaration of a sudden downpour…winter running is a liberation. It’s a chance to get out of stuffy rooms and appreciate brisk, fresh air and a frosty winter landscape. It’s an excuse for some time away from the stresses of work and life. It’s about embracing the elements, not dreading or battling against them.

True, there will be days when the weather just seems to be against you, when darker days filled with rain or snow do little to inspire you to do anything outdoors. Instead of asking “why should I?”, accept the challenge and ask “why not?”. Pull on your running gear, protect yourself from the elements and hit the route. Soon your blood will be pumping, the fresh air clearing your head. You’ll feel invigorated. You’ll feel alive. 

This winter you can choose to sit and watch the season unfold through a fogged-up, double-glazed window pane, or you can lace up your running shoes, get outside and be part of it.


For many, rain is a year-round presence.  But in winter, as temperatures dip, rain can definitely make for a more unpleasant and challenging run. Being properly outfitted with the right gear is essential for ensuring you stay warm, dry and protected, and get the most out of your run. 

Download the full copy to learn how rain impacts the body, how runners around the world embrace it, and how Nike Running gear protects you from it.

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