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just do it

Things to Know about Nike's "Sonne"

Nike's latest Just Do It film highlights the powerful story of German boxer Zeina Nassar, who is leading the way in supporting the next generation of female athletes in Germany and beyond. 

Nassar helped to rewrite the boxing rule book when she helped to overturn an international regulation prohibiting women from competing in a hijab — a win for women across the world. The film is about getting knocked down, getting back up and embracing failure to keep on fighting for a future that’s fair for every woman. The fight is not done yet. 

Nike's “Sonne” is a universal story emblematic of the pursuit of sport by all female athletes fighting for an equal playing field, no matter who they are or where they come from. It is a heroic celebration of sport as a powerful platform to make a statement, enabling female athletes who speak up for the greater good.

In alignment with the campaign, Nike Germany will host Just Do It Sunday on December 8 to help get Germany active and make sport a daily habit. Activations across Just Do it Sunday and beyond are open to all sports enthusiasts across the country; Nike Members will be able to gain additional benefits while moving for their cause. 

A complete overview of the available events, including opportunities to register and participate, can be found at

you can't stop us

LeBron James Narrates "Never Too Far Down"

Even against the toughest odds, hope remains connected to our sporting spirit. 

As professional competition slowly returns around the world, we at Nike are reminded of the feeling of fandom. The thrill of experiencing disbelief, with all its reawakening power. And, more over, the joy of collective celebration. 

“Never Too Far Down,” a film narrated by LeBron James, will air during Tiger Woods’ return to the golf course. It extends Nike's "You Can’t Stop Us" campaign.

To mark the occasion, James, Woods and Serena Williams offer their thoughts on the power of sport:

"Even if basketball looks different for a while, I’m excited about the possibility of getting back in the game, because I know how inspiring and powerful sports can be. I think the lessons we learn from sport can inspire us all.” — LeBron James

“Sport can still be a positive force for so many people. I am looking forward to [the charity match] this weekend and creating a platform to raise money for Covid relief and hopefully remind folks of the levity and joy that golf and other sports can bring to the world.”  — Tiger Woods

“Sport is the one thing that’s true, it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re from. Everything is left out in the arena. For me, I put it all out there on the court as a player, but it also feels that way as a fan. You feel that joy when someone you’re rooting for wins. That’s because of the unity that sports bring us.” — Serena Williams

Download hi-res images here

nike basketball

Watch: Mamba Forever

"Mamba Forever" pays tribute to beloved member of the Nike family, Kobe Bryant. One of the greatest athletes of his generation, Bryant had an immeasurable impact on the world of sport and the community of basketball.

nike basketball

Watch the Latest Nike Film with LeBron James

Just a kid from Akron, LeBron James is building a legacy that extends far beyond the basketball court. The latest Nike Beginnings spot underscores King James' commitment to helping kids in his hometown — and around the world — to dream big. 

jordan brand

Jordan Brand Presents Russell Westbrook's Why Not? Message

No matter what they say, always remember: Why Not?

Watch the Jordan Brand spot here

just do it

What to Know about Nike's "Don't Just Dream for You, Dream for the Next You" Campaign

Nike's latest Just Do It film highlights the inspiring story of Manchester City and England winger and attacking midfielder Raheem Sterling, who is leading the way in supporting the next generation of athletes in England and beyond. 

As a kid from the London borough of Brent, Sterling grew up dreaming of playing at Wembley Stadium. But he wasn't expected to win his first England cap at age 17. He wasn't expected to play more than 50 times for his country, or to win two premier league titles by 24 years old. He wasn't expected to influence and inspire the next generation.

But he did — and he does.

Now, in partnership with Nike, Sterling is paying it forward as the driving force behind Brent-based initiatives that will better serve young people in the borough. Alongside Brent Schools Football Association, Nike and Sterling will establish a team on the ground to set up coaching clinics for schools without coaches and, for a minimum of three years, provide support to the London Youth Games for a Brent Schools Football Association coordinator — reigniting the team that dared Sterling to dream.

“Brent means everything to me — growing up there, having friends from different backgrounds, learning about different cultures and taking that with me," says Sterling. "It was always my dream to play in the Premier League, play for England, and I’ve always wanted to give back to the community that I grew up in and give them an opportunity. This partnership with Nike and Brent Schools Football Association is an opportunity for me to provide guidance and the right help so a lot of kids can have the same dream as me.”

nike women's

Discover the Joy of Water with Nike Victory Swim Collection

The collection, which includes the Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit along with swim separate options — the Nike Victory Swim Hijab, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings — brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.

The Nike Victory Swim Collection is available February 1 on and at select retailers globally.

nike football (soccer)

Watch: Van Dijk goes back to where it all began

Virgil van Dijk grew up as a football-obsessed kid playing inside caged courts near his home of Breda, in southern Holland.

Years later, and having done it the hard way, he's now a European Champion and recognized as the world's finest defender.

"I was born in Breda," he says. "But it's the things I’ve overcome on my journey from there that have made me the player I am today."

This is his Birthplace of Dreams.

nike basketball

Elena Delle Donne's Greatest Inspiration is Her Big Sister

The latest Nike spot, featuring Washington Mystics forward Elena Delle Donne, highlights Delle Donne's relationship with her older sister, Lizzie, who has cerebral palsy and autism and is also deaf and blind. 

“My sister’s been carrying me her whole life,” says Delle Donne. “She is the big sister. I’m the little one looking up.”

The spot will air on Thanksgiving during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills game, as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans game November 29. The spot will also appear throughout December during additional NBA games.

nike running

Watch Caster Semenya Return Home

Caster Semenya’s dream to be the best middle-distance runner in the world took off on the dusty roads of Ga-Masehlong, a village in the South African province of Limpopo. But before that, her dream started with family, respect and self-belief. Now, Caster is beginning a new dream with her newly-founded Masai Athletics Club, where she mentors young runners.

just do it

Things to Know About Nike's “Helden”

When athletes like Léon Schäfer race against all odds, physically and mentally, they are doing it not just for themselves, but for a whole generation of athletes to thrive in an inclusive culture. 

When a female boxer like Zeina Nassar fights in a hijab for the first time, she is not just doing it for herself, but for a generation of girls daring to go after their dreams. 

And when mavericks like Leroy Sané are playing it their way, celebrating diversity, they inspire a generation of kids to write their own legend as well.

You never do it just for yourself.

Directed by John Hillcoat, Nike's “Helden” celebrates German athletes working hard on and off the pitch and track and in their communities to push society forward. “Du tust es nie nur für dich” (“You never do it just for yourself.”) is a celebration of sport’s incredible power to unite people and a call to all athletes, inspiring them to go beyond medals and trophies and to become heroes themselves.

In alignment with the campaign, Nike Germany will host Just Do It Sunday November 10 to help get Germany active and make sport a daily habit. Activations across Just Do it Sunday and beyond are open to all across the country; Nike Members will be able to gain additional benefits while moving for their cause or participating on the platform. 

For more information on Nike Germany’s Just Do It Sunday, visit

Read on to learn more about the real heroes behind the film:

Zeina Nassar, boxer

Aside from fighting in the ring, Nassar has also fought to overturn a rule that disallowed women from competing in a head wrap. She won that fight too. Now, all female boxers are free to compete in a hijab. 

Giulia Gwinn, footballer

With her opening goal for Germany on the world’s largest stage, Gwinn is giving women’s football more visibility and inspires other girls to believe in their dreams and do what they want to do.

Leroy Sané, footballer

Sané is a talented football player and, thanks to his attitude to play free and beyond his football skills, he represents the mindset of a new generation and the future of German football.

Léon Schäfer, track and field athlete

With an iron will and persistence to achieve his dream, Schäfer never takes “no” for an answer. He’s taking the best of life – and inspiring others to do so too.

Mario Götze, footballer

Götze became football’s chosen one when he scored the winning goal on the world’s largest stage at the age of 18. But for the midfielder, football is more than winning. It's about never losing the mental game, and beating doubts to beat opponents. 

Moe Wagner, basketball player

Wagner is the first Berliner ever to be drafted in the NBA after leaving home to play college ball in the United States. His fearlessness in taking risks and steping outside of the system inspires young athletes.

Mobina and Melika Nazari, skateboarders

After the sisters’ family fled Afghanistan, Mobina experienced head trauma stemming from a skate session and lost her memory – including her native tongue and the ability to recognize her parents. Her younger sister, Melika, took care of her, reintroducing her to skateboarding as a refuge amidst the lost memories. The sisters' bond shows how sport can help you to get back on your feet.

Gesa Krause, track and field athlete

Five-time German Championship winner and 2000m world record holder, Krause inspires people to go after what you love no matter the circumstances or what others say.

Ariclenes Garcia aka LaQuéfa St. Laurent, dancer

St. Laurent is a 26-year-old dancer and activist who has quickly become a pioneering force in Berlin's voguing scene. By investing his time and money into building a dedicated dance project, he's teaching queer refugees voguing and forms of expression through movement. 

Nazir Jaser, Yalmaz Habash, Tarek Al Moakee and Nabil Allaham, cyclists

These men are the epitome of resilience. All four were decorated cycling champions before war tore their homeland apart. Together with friends and relatives, some of the cyclists made the torturous journey to Europe, taking nothing but their passports, smartphones and a hope to continue their athletic careers. Through perseverance, resilience and an iron belief that sport can change your life no matter where you come from, the four have since returned to competition. 

Türkiyemspor Berlin, inclusive football club

This fall, Türkiyemspor, a Kreuzberg-based football club that is also the largest women’s football hub in Berlin, celebrates the 15th anniversary of its women’s division. Since the division's founding, the club has transformed the way girls perceive football. Whether it’s granting access for girls who would otherwise never be allowed to try the sport, or bringing in girls whose families want them to play in a safe sports environment, Türkiyemspor stands for equality and inclusion. 

Alex Hipwell, coach

Hipwell’s unconventional training journey began with dance and evolved to figure athlete competitions. Finding a passion for fitness and personal training after years of dance, she quickly began winning figure athlete competitions on national and international levels. After becoming a certified personal trainer, she partnered with Nike to inspire more women to feel their best. Today, she is a Nike Master Trainer who is committed to teaching others the tools to find strength and self-esteem. 

Additional Nike Grassroots Efforts Across Berlin

Nike actively invests in local communities. Together with its partners "Bunt Kickt Gut" and the "International Rescue Committee," Nike has run the "Berlin Kickt" program for several years now. In five schools across Berlin, a team of volunteer coaches work to educate children about movement and to fuel their passion for sports and prepare them for a successful, self-determined life. Further partnerships exist with Skatehalle Berlin ("Nike SB Shelter"), the street work organization Gangway e.V. and the sports club Türkiyemspor Berlin 1978 e.V. 


just do it

What to Know About Nike Mexico’s “Time to be Heroes”

Today's heroes are not the ones that society is accustomed to. Through sport, these heroes challenge stereotypes by breaking the barriers they have to live with every day.

After the success of “Juntas Imparables” in 2018, Nike Mexico’s newest Just Do It campaign seeks to further inspire and enable youth to relish healthier lives, inviting the next generation into sport.

Directed by Loren Denis, "Tiempo de Ser Héroes" (“Time to Be Heroes”) tells a series of stories about unexpected female athletes; it is an invitation to a sport-driven movement, encouraging athletes of all experience levels to become the city's new heroes. It is also a call to move the city through sport, and celebrate the passion, perseverance and spirit of Mexican athletes that, with their actions, are inspiration to others.

Join the challenge at and create a squad with three friends to participate in this exciting experience, inspired by Mexico City, where you can accumulate minutes of movement. The platform also allows you to register your activity through the Nike Run Club (NRC) and Nike Training Club (NTC) apps. 

A little more about the real athletes behind the film:

Daniela Velasco, 1,500-meter sprinter 

Velasco is one of the most tenacious Paralympic athletes today. Her attitude of perseverance has led her to break limits and believe in the power of dreams. For her, running is a way of being free. She is champion of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, and, most recently, the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Alejandra Orozco, diver 

Orozco obtained her first Olympic medal at 15, and, at the time, becoming Mexico’s youngest Olympic medal winner ever. Since that moment she has set her goals high: become the best athlete ever. Discipline and self-confidence drive her, and she is a medalist for the 2013 World Slam Dunk Series, Toronto 2015 Pan American Games and the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Nataly Gutierrez, Karina Esquer and Mariana Valenzuela, basketball players 

Nataly Gutierrez, Karina Esquer and Mariana Valenzuela are the future generation of basketball athletes, and they're challenging the rules. Together they have become a community of women that seek to change the future of the sport.

Nicole Pérez, footballer 

Pérez is one of the most important voices of women's football in Mexico. She belongs to the first generation of footballers who are supported in their profession by their families, defying all conventions and the country's patriarchal system. 

Dulce Orihuela, boxing trainer

Orihuela had to convince her father to let her box. Within a week of training she was in the ring for her first fight. Today, she spends her time as a trainer at TRASO, a program offering kids weekly boxing classes along with counseling and educational workshops. She teaches the fundamentals of boxing as a foundation to build character and determination, especially among young girls in the underserved community of Tacubaya, Mexico City.

Paulina Pulido, dancer 

Pulido began dancing when she was 11 and quickly fell in love with the art of movement as a form of expression. For her, dancing is a sport that builds community, and she faithfully believes that it can help to elevate self-expression. 

Mariana "Barby" Juárez, boxer 

For Juárez, every move she makes is full of heart. She has won the World Boxing Council title nine times — and she is still going for more. 

Lorena Dromundo, downhill cyclist 

Dromundo started downhill riding at the age of 11. Since then, she has managed to break into a sport that was considered exclusively for men, and is one of the few women to practice it professionally. 


Watch Tinker Hatfield Discuss Nike's Slow Running Innovation: the CruzrOne

Tinker Hatfield's latest design, the Nike CruzrOne, is for athletes whose competitive mindset hasn’t changed even if their training goals and footwear preferences have. 

The idea was sparked October 16, 2018, when Tinker Hatfield and Phil Knight had a conversation that went something like this:

Tinker: "You’re looking strong. I heard you’ve been walking eight miles a day."
Phil: "Not true. I do not walk eight miles a day."
Tinker: "Oh, I’m sorry — I must have misheard." 
Phil: "You must have. I don’t walk. I run! Just really, really slowly."

This exchange inspired Hatfield to think about how athletes change over time: Still competitive, but channeling that spirit in new ways.

Hatfield looked at the running shoes Knight and others were wearing for their slower “runs” (or “cruises," as Hatfield started calling them), and he noted that the foot moves differently at these slower speeds. Further, this athlete has different priorities in what he or she is looking for from their footwear. The CruzrOne responds to these unique preferences.

Here are a few of its key design details:

• Constructed from Nike React foam, the CruzrOne midsole features excellent cushioning and energy return.

• The shoe has a rounded heel that helps facilitate a smoother, more natural transition from heel to toe (the foot tends to strike heel first at slower speeds and requires more assistance to complete the heel-to-toe-off motion).

• A two-way stretch upper was designed for easy entry, and a shearling lining on the heel and tongue adds comfort.

Click here to be notified of availability.

jordan brand

UNITE: Chapter One

Today, the Jordan Brand launches UNITE, a global campaign that celebrates a generation coming together to create impact that goes beyond the game.

Throughout the UNITE campaign, Jordan Brand will launch a series of films. The first film celebrates people coming together through the game of basketball both on and off the court and sends a simple message: Impossible Alone. Possible Together.

Jordan Brand athletes including Rui Hachimura, Kia Nurse, Jayson Tatum and Zion Williamson, as well as young athletes* from all walks of life are featured in the film, narrated by Rapsody and scored by Dap-Kings.

In addition to the film series, the brand is kicking off a series of UNITE community activations around the globe. Those began this weekend in New Orleans with a community design for local youth, where they were provided an opportunity to design an Air Jordan XXXIV. Zion Williamson surprised and united with the youth, and one of the designs will be worn by Williamson later on during the season.

nike tennis

Birthplace of Dreams: Rafael Nadal

On the eastern coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca is the small town of Manacor. It’s a community known for fishing, furniture, and a bustling street market. But above all else, it’s a town known for tennis. Rafael Nadal’s career began here, on the red-clay courts sprinkled throughout his hometown of Manacor. And he still calls this place home, training and leading the next generation at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

“Mallorca is home," says Rafa. "I plan to be here for the rest of my life.”

nike women's

Spit Fire, Dream Higher

Nike and digital platform Gurls Talk have come together to celebrate girls who are paving their own way in the traditionally male-dominated sport of football. Their collaboration on the documentary "Spit Fire, Dream Higher" demonstrates the value of football as a force of empowerment for young women. Directed by Felix Cooper, the film dives into the themes of sacrifices, challenges, and equality. With football as a catalyst, these girls find happiness on the pitch and use that as fuel to change their lives, while building relationships within their communities.

Adwoa Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk and narrator of the film, presents the story through a pro-footballer’s lens while setting the tone with authentic conversations. Her counterpart, Nike athlete and PSG striker Nadia Nadim, epitomizes the fighting spirit that female footballers possess. Aboah and Nadim visit several fearless young girls in their hometowns around the world and discuss how the sport has had a positive impact on their lives. These gifted young women use football as a connecting thread through the exploration of cultural expectations and self-definition.

"On this journey, we saw girls from around the world who have fought through oppression and continue to be resilient through their love for football," says Aboah. "The documentary truly celebrates them and the grassroots communities they are a part of."

nike sb

Watch "Trust Fall" by Nike SB

Filmed by Jacob Harris and Ant Travis, “Trust Fall” is the first full-length men's skate film from Nike SB since SB Chronicles Vol. 3 in 2015. Featured skaters include team riders Blake Carpenter, Donovon Piscopo, Caleb Barnett, Daan Van Der Linden, Kyron Davis, Casper Brooker and more.


Nike BETRUE: Nobody Wins Alone

"Nobody Wins Alone” features Nike athletes and allies of the LBGTQIA community who support the pursuit of equality for all athletes.

nike tennis

Rafael Nadal: Rally

Rafael Nadal's victory today sealed his third-straight win in Paris, raising his title count to 12. The win marks Rafa's 18th career major.

just do it

Watch Nike’s “Dream Further” Film

Nike's latest football-focused film, "Dream Further," sets the stage for this summer's tournament in France and serves to extend a holistic celebration of the game at all levels. It features athletes from the aforementioned federations (see the full list below) alongside 10-year-old Makena Cook, former England player Alex Scott and Esports star F2TEKKZ.

Fun fact: Cook debuts the limited-edition "Dream Further" jersey, the first ever kids-only football shirt designed specifically for girls. 

Dream Further athletes:
Sam Kerr, Forward (Australia)
Andressa Alves, Forward (Brasil)
Neymar Jr., Forward (Brasil)
Philippe Coutinho, Midfielder (Brasil)
Wang Shuang, Midfielder (China)
Fran Kirby, Forward (England)
Amandine Henry, Midfielder (France)
Grace Geyoro, Midfielder (France)
Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France)
Sara Däbritz, Midfielder (Germany)
Lieke Martens, Midfielder (Netherlands)
Daniëlle van de Donk, Midfielder (Netherlands)
Asisat Oshoala, Forward (Nigeria)
Ji So-Yun, Midfielder (South Korea)
Gerard Piqué, Defender (Spain)
Crystal Dunn, Forward (United States)

To watch more of the films in the Just Do It series, click here.

just do it

"Before That"

Before the country's tournament appearance in Paris, Nike releases its new Just Do It campaign inspiring Argentina's female footballers, present and future. National team players Estefania Banini, Ruth Bravo and Belen Potassa are among the athletes featured.

just do it

“Dream With Us”

The powerful message from Nike’s JDI campaign continues with the latest installment, this time featuring the U.S. Women’s National Team and their influence on young athletes ahead of this summer's tournament in France.

In “Dream With Us,” amateur and professional athletes alike convene at a stadium tunnel as Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh, and the rest of the U.S. Women’s Team prepare to take the field. The athletes showing their support include gymnast Gabby Douglas, basketball players Sue Bird and Elena Delle Donne, skateboarder Lacey Baker, sprinter Scout Bassett and more.

Narrated by award-winning actress Viola Davis, “Dream With Us” channels the triumph of unity through sport.

To watch more of the films in the Just Do It series, click here.

just do it

Watch Nike's Latest Just Do It Film

Just Do It: Tokyo, Nike's latest JDI film, comes from Japan and encourages female athletes to move forward through sport. Tennis star Naomi Osaka, basketball player Evelyn Mawuli, dancer Koharu Sugawara and champion skateboarders Aori Nishimura and Sky Brown are among those featured.

"To me it’s always been about trusting myself and staying positive. I hope everyone can relate to that, just ignore the noise from others and keep on moving towards what you believe in,” shares Osaka, capturing the spirit of the film.

nike running

Joan Benoit Samuelson in "Miles"

In 1979, Joan Benoit Samuelson made history in Boston. 40 years and 150,000 miles later, she's still going.

nike golf

Tiger Woods: Same Dream

With a victory today, Tiger Woods claimed his fifth green jacket and 15th overall major — 22 years after the first. 

Nike golfers have claimed the past five majors. 

nike women's

Nike 2019 Women's Football Kits, Sportswear, Sports Bras and Footwear Reveal

See the 14 new federation football kits, sports bras, Sportswear and footwear that was shown live in Paris on Monday, March 11.