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July 08, 2013

Sport and Culture Collide in this Collection of Performance Shoes

Starting July 13th, 10 weekly releases will hit shelves in Shanghai.

Starting July 13, 10 of Nike’s most revered and respected shoes will feature the local culture and character of Shanghai in their design. Along with special edition T-shirts, they will be released one pair of shoes per week on, at the Nike Huaihai Brand Experience Store and at designated retail outlets.

Nike blends sport and culture into the design of new and classic NIke footwear, choosing Shanghai as the first city for an exclusive product launch. This is one of several exciting experiences Nike has in store for its sneaker-obsessed fans this summer. The 10 models slated for release are designed for purposes ranging from the basketball court, to the running track, and, ultimately, the city streets. They include classic basketball and running shoes featuring state-of-the-art technology, co-branded collaboration shoes, Jordan footwear and Nike SB shoes.

The styles are imprinted with “Shen,” the old name of Shanghai, to accentuate the cultural identity of Shanghai, and “Luwan Never Gone 310103” as tribute to Lu Wan District — the birthplace of street fashion in Shanghai. The number “310103” bears significance as the identity number of people from Lu Wan District before June 2011.

The first co-branded models in the collection will be released on July 13 in Shanghai.

The NIke Lovelife Pack will launch July 14.

The Nike Zoom Hyperflight will launch July 21.

The Air Jordan 1 OG XQ will launch beginning July 26.

The Nike Free Flyknit City Collection "Shanghai" will launch August 4.

Nike Lunar Force 1 City QS will launch beginning August 11.

The Weatherman Pack will launch August 19.

Nike Lunar Force 1 Fragment and Nike Air Force 1 Fragment will be released on August 25.

Nike Air Max 1 Clot and Nike Dunk Pro SB "Shanghai" will launch 1 Sep.

如果七年前耐克和CLOT的合作鞋款,将以一个更新更好的设计再来到上海;如果九年前在上海引发滑板热潮的NIKE DUNK SB重现江湖;如果六年前JORDAN为庆贺多家中国专卖店开幕设计的特别款篮球鞋卷土重来;如果近年在上海浦江两岸兴起的跑步文化,也能通过特别鞋款予以记录。今年夏季,十款耐克最经典,最具话题,最有上海本地文化的鞋款,连同特别版T恤将自7月13日起,通过NIKESTORE.COM.CN、耐克淮海品牌体验店以及指定耐克零售店每周陆续在上海首先发售。

将运动、文化和城市特色融入设计,应用在耐克经典及最新运动鞋款,并以上海为首发据点,这是耐克在这盛夏要带给青少年朋友们新鲜的球鞋文化体验。这十款鞋款,从赛道到街头,包括经典及搭载耐克最新运动科技的篮球及跑步鞋款、联名合作款、JORDAN经典及耐克滑板鞋款等。为了更突显上海的城市文化特色,耐克在其中一些鞋款加入上海的别称申城,和怀念上海城市潮流文化的起源地“卢湾LUWAN NEVER GONE 310103”的设计元素。